The Hand Grenade is a blog on movies, which serves to me, Lucas Silva, as an exercise in cinephilia and my way of sharing information about the films I get to watch and the theories that mold the way I think of them. The absolute majority of my reviews, the center stage of this blog, are made right after watching the movie. This helps me retain these movies fresh on my mind, and creates a first impression of the film that may be very different from posterior assessments, but it’s as sincere as possible.

Because I write my reviews based on immediate responses, I prefer not to add them ratings out of four or five stars. I believe the analysis of the film alone is sufficient for the viewer to understand what I think of a film and how well I regard it. I’m on Facebook (here is the blog’s personal page), and I intend to create a Twitter account for the blog when I have more time available to dedicate myself to it.

Cinema is one of the most beautiful forms of art, and it’s up to moviegoers to seize it. That’s why there are so many movie blogs out there: we need new images and new forms of filmmaking now more than ever, and to discuss about filmmaking is to share a universal passion and make it noteworthy.

The name The Hand Grenade is a reference to one of my favorite comedies of all time, the unique camp jewel Monty Python and the Holy Grail. If you are curious about it, its groundbreaking trailer may enlighten your thoughts. Well, welcome to The Hand Grenade, and be careful; you never know when…


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